Highly Vulnerable Children Research Center

Kilifi Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project

This case study focuses on Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) OVC program model in Kenya and documents lessons learned that could be applied to other OVC initiatives. The Kilifi OVC project of CRS program aims to increase the capacity of communities and families and orphans to respond to the needs of OVC and increase local partner agencies’ capacity to deliver high quality and sustainable interventions. To accomplish these goals, CRS collaborates with the Archdiocese of Mombasa by providing technical and financial support.  In turn, the archdiocese helps to ensure that OVC receive needed services by employing community based social workers, establishing partnerships with local institutions, and engaging community volunteers in children’s support. This case study identified several program challenges, many of which are related to limited resources; the CRS Kilifi OVC project was also found to represent many innovations and successes.

MEASURE Evaluation conducted research on programs for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in five unique settings — two in Kenya and three in Tanzania. Case studies were the first phase of MEASURE Evaluation’s targeted evaluations and began the process of information sharing on lessons learned in programming for OVC. Additional evaluation activities under the MEASURE Evaluation targeted evaluation activity included an impact assessment and costing activity for four of the five selected programs.

Case study information-gathering activities included program document review; program site visits, including discussions with local staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and community members; and observations of program activities. The primary audience for these case studies includes OVC program implementers in Kenya, Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa, as well as relevant policy makers, funding agencies addressing OVC needs, and other local and international stakeholders.

Suggested Citation: Thurman, T.R., Hoffman, A., Chatterji, M., & Brown, L. (2007).  A Case Study. Kilifi Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project. Chapel Hill, NC: MEASURE Evaluation.


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