Highly Vulnerable Children Research Center

What we do

The HVC-RC’s goal is to provide empirical evidence that can effectively guide programming and policy for children in difficult circumstances. We seek to support the development and promote the expansion of evidence-informed interventions through a multi-faceted approach, detailed below:

Monitoring and evaluation

The HVC-RC engages in research to evaluate and inform interventions serving HVC. We aim to produce solid evidence to support decision-making through the application of rigorous study designs with resulting recommendations for policy and programming. In short, evaluations and assessments serve to identify the priority and unmet needs of vulnerable children and their families/caregivers; increase understanding of what works best to improve beneficiaries’ lives and opportunities; and guide program improvement, the development of effective scale-up plans, and funding decisions.

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Program resources

User-friendly materials have been developed to encourage the scale-up of promising interventions and improve existing programming through sharing lessons learned. Resources include structured curricula, survey and indicator guidance, case studies and case study resource guides.

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Technical assistance

In the context of our work, technical assistance typically involves the delivery of expert programmatic and scientific support to individuals, organizations and communities for the design, implementation and evaluation of HVC programs. We provide targeted informational, educational, and other services designed to build organizational capacity and/or achieve strategic goals, including performance management systems development, intervention curriculum review, and training in monitoring and evaluation as well as research implementation. We leverage a range of forums for delivering technical support to the partner organizations serving HVC as well as the governmental entities working to shape related policies.

Research to practice

Underscoring all our activities is a concerted effort to translate research into practice, including disseminating findings widely and actively promoting their utilization through a comprehensive approach:

  • Interactive workshops
  • Research and policy briefs
  • Presentations at national and international forums
  • Issuance of peer-reviewed publications

In addition to findings emanating from key HVC-RC activities, the Center also makes available other emerging research in the field of HVC, such as evaluation results, innovative research findings and evidence from systematic reviews.

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